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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  November 16, 2012 3:00am-6:00am PST

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>> never heard that word before. >> paraglider, one that took a hard landing. everybody have a wonderful weekend. "fox and friends" starts right now. bye . >> gretchen: i guess we give away the easiest ones and put it right in the script before when we have a guest host. >> brian: so angry. >> come on now. paraglider, really. >> gretchen: that is the answer. it is friday and november 16th. i . -- i am gretchen carlson. israel is rallying troops for a ground war . we are live with the latest from the battle field. >> for eight hours eight americans died as terrorist attacked our consulate in
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benghazi. >> this is a terrorist attack that is so obvious in an inexperienced individual that it was purely terrorist attack. >> now they have seen the attack will anyone held accountable? >> brian: three car crash, and we are hearing from the good samaritan who jumped in to the wreckage and saved a child's life. it is amazing i know. "fox and friends" starts right now. ♪ ♪ "fox and friends". thank good it's friday. >> gretchen: no giding. you know it is a great day when brian fills my papers. >> brian: they are on the left>> gretchen: . >> gretchen: eric bolling is here to film in with steve, paraglider. folks news alert, israel is on
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the brink of an all out war. violence in the middle east, forcing israel to mobilize trips. we have the latest. leland, it keeps intensifying. >> it certainly does, gretchen. israeli is flying the f-16s hear behind on the gaza strip. this is softening up the gaza strip for an invasion. there is dozens of armored carriiers and armored bull dozer will you yards from the gaza border. the palestinian have lazer guided tank weapons . they have call would up 10,000 reservist to fill in as active
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duty stories will go in to graza if that happens. the air campaign does continue inside of gaza and explosions targeting large scale ammunition and rocket launching centers two dozen people have died including a couple of children. here in israel air raid sirens are going off as hundreds of rockets fly off. they have intercepted a number of the rockets. it is far from perfect especially areas around where i am staying. there is a number of farming communities. we went to one early this morning and a rocket struck a house. a guy was having his morning cuff of coffee and had 10 seconds to get in bunker and when he came out this is what we found in his house. crude piece of a pipe that flies in the air and exploded.
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lock at the piece of scrapnel it was in his wall and just 10 seconds is the difference on the gaza border between life and death. the egyptian prime minister is there trying to negotiate a peace treaty tweep hamas and israelies, but the israeli and are pounding away. >> gretchen: scary situation. leland thank you. >> brian: they have missiles that can hit tel-aviv. we'll talk about what happened on capitol hill? >> gretchen: was it heated? these are the benghazi testimony. it gets heated on the hill. law makers are shown a composut of how four americans were murdered including our
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ambassor over in libya. it is drones and video where you had the consulate and cia safe house. they are putting it together. it is about 30 minutes of videotape. >> brian: everyone has a time line on what happened. how most conclude it was a terrorist attack. here is perspective on both sides . >> we could see first hand real time what the issues were when they occurred. from that per spective of the first attack it was chaotic and didn't seem to be commanding control . we know that there were a lot of extremist and al-qaida connections . the second attack in the annex seemed to have command and control. people who knew how to use weaponry and you knew they were able to shoot mortars and have a direct hit.
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>> there was a bunch of bad guys who stormed the consulate in benghazi, some carrying automaticic weapons and not carrying any. and firing rpg's and mortars to the facility and the annex down the road. it was error clear, chris, from day one, it was awe terrorist attack. >> this was reported by nbcweeks ago we had video from the video surveliance cameras. president obama sent ambassador rice saying it is reaction to the movie and we have disturbing attack. show it was awe coordinated preplanned attack with mortars
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and 50 caliber guns. >> we heard that people if someone was in the situation room, watching this unfold live, my question is how could anyone. i know the fog of war everyone is talking about. how could anyone see what the law makers saw and witness what professionals. and walk out and say this is a protest about i tape. this is the most intriguing thing in what is happening today. ambassador rice, why would see had tell five net work shows that it was a spontanous attack according to the information she had. she got an unclassified briefing before going out there for the white house, and doing something she had no involvement in. >> gretchen: that is hogwash. do you really believe that the
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white house had an unclassified briefs. >> brian: i don't know what is worse she got an unclassified briefing. >> or they are saying that that is the reason that takes her off of the hook . yesterday, the president contradicted himself in the same answer to the question where he said she should not be blamed for what she said . the white house sent her to the show. don't critize her because she had nothing to do with benghazi. that doesn't gel too well together. >> two things came out. susan rice was given talking points and this is what we know and they sent her out on the five talk show. the question remains and james clapper yesterday couldn't answer it and acting cia director morell couldn't tell. who put those talking points and time line who said it is a video.
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is it state intele, or the white house? one of them has to come on. >> gretchen: maybe it was a fog of politics? >> you are putting the cia deputy in the political world. she got a unclassified briefing. why would the cia give the un ambassador who is representing the white house an unclassified briefing. >> gretchen: she is a spokes person for the united states of america and she has an unclassified briefing? i guess you could argue in the slimmest of margins that you wouldn't want to scare the american people and hide what was really going on and say it was another terrorist attack. >> there is one problem with the whole debate. the day before susan rice went on the talk shows, on the 14th. leon paneta secretary of defense with the defense department said it was a terrorist attack.
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defense saying it was terror and intelecommunity and state department say it was response to a movie. they are all trying to take the attention away from president obama got in air force one and flew to las vegas and did a fund raiser instead of staying at home. >> brian: and cost him no votes. >> gretchen: it will be interesting to hear what general pettigrew has to say. cheers turned to screams in a parade. a train slammed into a bus in midland, texas. >> gates started to come down and the truck trying to blow the horn and gates hit the first poem on the - people on
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the trailer. he planned to strap a bomb to himself and blow up the new york city subways in rush hour. the judge will sentence the 28 year old this afternoon. prosecutors are anding that he spend the raft of his life behind bars. the f-22 fighter jets have had problems for years. one crashed in the panhandle. the pilot was able to safety. the 190 mullion dollar raptors were grounded last year over reports that pilots were deprived of oxygen. president obama meeting with top leaders to avoid the fiscal cliff. boehner and mcconnel and nancy pelosi and harry reed reed. without a deal billions of tax
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increases go into affect january 1st. and those are your head lines. i would like to be a fly on the wall for that meeting. >> brian: there is shock waves across the markets. coming in way above expectations, remember that explanation. hurricane sandy's fault. everyone gets fired when a hurricane hits? what kind of logic is that. >> a crash scene with a baby girl trapped in the twisted metal. but you haven't seen the hero that jumped inside to save her, he's coming up this hour. [ male announcer ] when was the last time something made your jaw drop? campbell's has 24 new soups
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>> eric: yesterday we saw a huge surge in jobless numberings. 439,000 new unemployment claims filed in the election report. that is way more than expected. the labor department blames super storm sandy for leaving thousands of workers without jobs. this is editor of real clear markets. 439,000, 83,000 more than the prior week. we didn't see that number coming? >> maybe not but americans are started to be acquainted with the cruel realty that nothing is free and obama care is a major costs going to be born by employers . every single one on the staff, they have to pay more for the employee in terms of health care costs. they are starting to shed this in advance and companies are
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doing just that. >> eric: that is well and good and fine but the labor department is blaming super storm sandy for the rump -- jump in numbers . >> the labor department want to blame something but governmentac for the problems that businesses are probleming. you can point to sandy nay sense, but it is a reminder with obama care in that businesses operate on a razzor - on razor thin margin. it makes sense for them to cut costs. the answer is not for the federal government to impose more costs and that's what they are doing. 99 weeks of unemployment benefits and all sorts of implications to make it profitable. >> eric: in new jersey, only $5675 additional claims and connecticut had additional and new york had fewer claims on
3:18 am
this. if you do the math that is 5500. we had a jump week to week. it is so true and the interesting thing about you started to see reports well before sandy and businesses starting to shed employees. if you got above 30 you face a difficult choice. if you have more than that. the costs are going up substantly. they are trying to shed and bringing them down. >> eric: i have done it every week on thursday for two years, those numbers prior to the election jobless numbers were going down and very good for a reof had election of president obama. the very fiver week it jumps 83,000. anything indidious or conspiracy-therorist say there
3:19 am
is something there, there. >> i wouldn't say conspiracy-therorist. it would be naive to assume that the number coming from the government is not politicalized. our bias is going to infuse the numbers eep though we are objective about temperature to assume there was not politics that went introit, it would be naive that the numbers did not go when george bush was president. >> eric: looks like president obama plans to nominate susan rice for the secretary of state, but what about her five of -- five-time flop reporting on benghazi the major scare for the dog whisperer? we'll explain. years ago, my doctor told me to take a centrum silver multivitamin every day. i told him, sure. can't hurt, right?
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>> eric: twinkie lovers may be saying adios to the snack. hostess will head to bankruptcy court to shut down the business. known as the dog whispering . he tried to kill himself two years ago. his dog died and his wife of 16 years was planning on divorcing him. he overdosed. the documentary will air on nat geo wild. >> brian: reports suggest that president obama is leaning closer to nominating susan rice. his comments were challenging. >> gretchen: the president has been forced to defend rice all week after her reports on the
3:24 am
libya attack blamed the anti-muslim video instead of telling the truth that it was not a terrorist attack. >> brian: at the request of the white house in which she gave her best understanding of the intelligence that had been provided to her. if senator herman cain, and senator graham and others want to go after somebody. they should go after me. and i am happy to have that discussion with them. >> brian: the house concluding testimony from general david pettigrew that should be dramatic. will congress members finally get the answers they are waiting for? >> gretchen: we have congressman joining us live. >> good to be with you. >> gretchen: so what did you learn and what do you hope to continue to learn? >> we hope to get answers to questions including why the president of the united states has continued to push the
3:25 am
inconsistent moving target story on us. he attacks several senators for critizing for ambassador rice for not having the right information, saying it is my fault, but he doesn't explain why she had the wrong information and why she was continuing to say many, many days after the attacks took place and the white house was put on notice and these were terrorist attacks and this was a product of a spontanous flash mob. >> brian: you got a chance to see the video and interior and exterror of the actul event. if people want to know why susan rice said what she . the cia gave her unclassified briefing before going on five net work shows to represent the view of the white house, does anything make sense about that? >> no. this is the bigger question that has to be answered. why is it that the president of the united states is
3:26 am
willing to put his personnel out on the line with wrong information? with information that he knew was wrong or had reason to know was wrong. it doesn't make sense. the president needs to take ownership of this and in uation like this where brave americans died serving their country. we deserve more explanation. >> gretchen: you are not getting the answers from the president and he will not just willingly give them and unless you call him to testify which would not happen. how do you achieve the goal. >> we'll and questions of other personnel. we can't get them from the president himself what about the members of the white house staff and cabinet. >> brian: how are you going to approach the questioning of general pettigrew knowing he is a citizen and can let it fly. what do you expect and hope to get today? >> we live nay society in
3:27 am
which we depend all of the time on people telling the truth. and the fact that he's there as a u.s. citizen as opposed to being there as director of the cia doesn't mean he won't be expected to tell this is a man who served very honorable career. >> gretchen: but senator, he blamed it on the videotape when he briefed members of congress go two day after the attack. this is suspect coming from a man who knew terror. you expect him to say it is a videotape today? >> no, i don't. and all the more reason why to tell the truth and he will have every incentive to tell the truth today. he served a distingished career and in recent days it was tarnished by revelations of his own conduct he will want to end on a high note by telling the truth. >> brian: nothing takes away
3:28 am
from what he gave to the country as america's most recognized general. >> thank you. >> brian: john kerry for secretary of defense? >> he was a hawk on the rock in the beginning and then the surrener guy as he's been over and over. he would be better guy at hauling up the flag. >> brian: hearing more for swift boat veterans for truth, next. >> gretchen: wait until you hear what is added to cracker jackings. >> brian: dean mcdorm at looks like he's 46 years old. ♪
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3:33 am
i think you confuse me with another man. i never said she was never. i think there is another man. >> gretchen: you didn't think he would use his political, want to tarnish his -- >> brian: that is before the press conference. he said i will fight to the death for it. and it must be another ancr. >> gretchen: no originally when we talked about it. i am glad woo got it settled. >> brian: it might be as tough of haul as ambassador rice being secretary of state. john kerry for secretary defense. and the veterans stood up against his service and the reason he didn't become president of the united states. that problem has not gone away. my hunch is president obama said you are not president because of the swift boaters, i will put you in charning
3:34 am
charge of the military and show you from here on in. and the rumor and whisper. john kerry wants to be secretary of state, but with ambassador rice who may get the secretary of state job it is a consolation prize they will look at john kerry as secretary of defense. >> gretchen: there would be issues about confirmation for both tradition. here is john neal his side. >> kerry, he was quoting people, many of whom never have been in vietnam and never in the military. but you know, shawn we lost 58,000 people in vietnam. i knew a fair number of them and a lot of them from my class in the naval academy and they were the best people describe them for an army of genis kahn. remember in 2006, he had said
3:35 am
if you study hard you would end up stocking a rock. he was a hawk on the rock and then the surrender guy in the end as he was over and over. he would be better at hauling up the white flag than a secretary of defense anywhere. >> brian: i am curious to so if his colleagues. john mccane was on the first day after john kerry talked about secretary of defense. he didn't say. >> eric: he could get confirmed but the question is how will he lead? he renounced the military in certain respects. will he have the respect and command the respect? the jury is out on that. >> gretchen: by the way leon paneta has not announced he is leaving. >> brian: rumor has it he wants to leave. >> gretchen: days before the busiest travel day of the year. large computer out agamming.
3:36 am
a glitch held 630 flights and stranded thousands of passengers for hours. >> eric: bon jove's daughter off of the hook on the heroin case. someone having an overdose can't be prosecuted if another person calls for him. medics stefanie bonjovi unpresponsive after the 911 call. >> gretchen: we showed you this crash. a baby girl trapped in the metal. we are hearing from the hero who saved her life. >> she was bleeding the child to me had priority and she was dangling down and i got her out. and this metal was so strong. i feared it might catch on fire. >> gretchen: other good
3:37 am
samaritans stepped in to help rescue the baby's mom. check it out. cracker jacks of the candy coated pop corn said later this year. they going to put cracker jack'ed it will have the same as 12 ounce soda. the center for science in the public interest said it violates food rules and wants the fda to step n. i am all for it brian over to you. >> brian: tharving you, eric. president obama taking time to visit the victims was hurricane sandy yesterday. some of them heading in week three without power and heat. >> i promise to everybody that i was speaking on behalf of the country when i said we are going to be here until the rebuilding is complete. and i meant it
3:38 am
and so i am going to come back today and also come back in the future to make sure we are followed through on that commitment. >> brian: but what is the plan? that was staten island and hoe's been to new jersey and will he make it to long island? we'll and someone who is lives through it right now. mike is from oceanside, new york . we were interrupted by the show that you were in the basement troying to save stuff as the water came up to your chin. >> it was six feet in the basement. we lost all of the christmas decoration and sports memorabilia and college year books and high school year books and the water was up to my chin. i tried to save sand bags they were placed around the furnace and pass them up to my wife and hoping that the water
3:39 am
wouldn't get to the first floor. electrical and furnace and washer and dryer and i saw the oil tanker over in the basement it was time to get out and head up. >> brian: i would think so. most people wouldn't be in the basement. three weeks goes by. one thing that hurt you guys was the trash in the street and the fact your kids home from school two and half weeks and that's their play date. >> outside of the power company lpa totally being a disaster. uncommunicative without a plan . the fact we went 10 days before the trash was picked up. a disaster in communication between the town, the town of hempstead, ocean side, and awe county. spoiled food in garage and rotted mildew and water pumped out and where are the kids supposed to go? they are on the front lawn. you can't give them attention
3:40 am
because you are trying to do the repairs. >> brian: i lucked out. our area had track trucks every day. you had flood insurance. you were a lucky one. good news, you are not in the flood zone. you can dump it. you held on to it. and they evaluated your house and what are you concerned about now? >> i recently found out four-6 weeks that i get the check and that will not be until january. meanwhile i am fronting all of the money out to the contractor and you become your own general contractor and trying to find people for debris the new wrinkle this week, the check above a certain thres hold, it is made out to yourself and the barching. and you have to go to the bank fro to pay back myself or the contractors and it is it another head ache. >> brian: you realize
3:41 am
contractors say you have to pay me i don't care about the bank and parliament flood insurance. you will say wait how do i live in my house. because my contractor doesn't believe the money is coming through. private flood insurance is all done through a national program. most homeowners exclude flod. look at your policies and make sure if you don't have flood even if it is not required. i complained to carry flood. it was $700 before katrina and now $2000 and best investment. you got power to the second floor but it was 80 degrees because of a problem with the heat and you will take it mike, thank you so much from oceanside, long island. sooner or later the president will show up. >> we hope so.
3:42 am
>> brian: a gun range that lets you shoot people. the owner here to defend his story. love story of liz taylor and richard burton making a come back with the help of lindsay lohan. snot ♪ ♪ [ clock ticking ] [ male announcer ] there's a better way... v8 v-fusion. vegetable nutrition they need, fruit taste they love. could've had a v8. or...try kids boxes!
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3:46 am
we are guilty of behavior and danger to the very institution of marriage. >> brian: we have rick here. thanks for joining us. great. you look like richard burton back in the day. >> i am error grateful you say that. he was a handsome man and make-up must have done the job. >> gretchen: what was it like taking on the iconic role? >> terrifying . he was an idol of mine from when i was a kid. i never expected the opportunity to come up. i had to leap at it he was daunting, his voice in particular. >> brian: you get the script and part how dugo beyond the script to find out who he was. >> when somebody is that famous there is enormous archive and particularly with those two. they are the best recorded couple of all time.
3:47 am
and so i looked at a lot of the material on him interviewed and in his private life. the problem is playing an actor you are plague. and try to catch them when they are not. >> brian: we have nothing like this in real life. lindsay lohan. she's known to be tough to work with. any problems? >> look. i think people mentioned when you make movies it operates in a linier fashion. it doesn't. everybody comes from their own perspective and way and some people's way is easy and some hard. did she show up. >> gretchen: does she show up to the scenes where you had to be in the scene with her. >> she did and we got them and they went well at the end of the day. you are putting something in front of the oddence that
3:48 am
creates an energy for thempt and when you get there, it doesn't matter. >> brian: she is a great actress. but she is a good actress and real quick. describe the relationship and why was it break up, together and they can't stay apart. what was it did you figure it out. >> i think i have for me. they are two people who probably would have had better lives without each other. he would have had more success. and he took terribly movies to buy diamonds. and she was wanting a man of success and he fed boo it they complemented. they come together and mared each other twice and he wrote to her on the last day of his life before he passed away memor billia of was by her bed
3:49 am
side when she passed. >> gretchen: you can see it play out on life time. great to meet you. grant. >> thank you for having me. >> brian: you can say the whole show. all right we got to go. >> eric: you will not find a gun range like this in mirk that lets you shoot people. the gun owner here live to defend his business. >> gretchen: ceo of papa johns may have to lay people off because of obama care. there may be something to help let in on the secret. ♪ o this reduced sodium soup says it mahelp lower cholesterol, how does it work? you just he to eat it as part of your heart healthy diet. step 1. eat the soup. all those veggies and beans,
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that's what may help lower your cholesterol and -- well that's easy [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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>> welcome back you have seen video like call of and now there is it a first person shooter in florida. a gun range that lets you shoot other people and a lesson in defense . joining me in the shooting range. good morning to you. dave. you can shoot actul people and they go what? explain what you are actually doing there. >> there is it misconceptions out there. we have a 40,000 air soft shoot out. family-friendly environment for family and friends to come out and play. the general dynamics corpation has had this out for decade came out with a civilian range program. we jumped on it. it is invalable for the people
3:54 am
with concealable and fire arms to help defend themselves and their familis and put it in an outstanding training tool. you say it is great for self defense and better than shooting on the dummy on the paper when you are doing target amy. what is the difference here. you are shooting people with rubber bullets, right. >> it is not a rubble bullet it is a man-marking cart rage. like a paint ball. but it leaves a slight mark and you can check your hits. the guns are retrofitted and not something we created in a back yard. it is it a proven system from general dynamics and the weapons are rendered safe and only foir a man marking cart rage and they engage each other in real-life scenario. >> gretchen: people understand
3:55 am
it is it training military people who are in war and killing each other or police officers potentially. what is the benefit to the average civilian? >> unfortunately we don't live in a perfect world and we see there are shootings in the work place and all over. and there is a lot of people carrying guns that are not prepared and they come to us and they say we have the gun and concealed weapon's permit and i never drew it out of the holster and this brings a whole new light to it. and 360 degrees training and someone on the other end of the target and understand the severity of what you are enter into. >> gretchen: i get where you are going to this. in a moment of the crisis you need to have a plan if you haven't acted it out you don't know. kids take part in the training? >> no, ma'am. that was a media misnomer.
3:56 am
all week, the children are allowed to come and experience the training, we don't have children shooting at each other and don't have the rubber bullets. the video was mistaken from the air soft side of family friendly air soft and those munition are no where near them. interesting combat. dave cap lan. have a great weekend. >> is the fiscal cliff a manufactured crisis. wait until you hear what he wants people to do. and a pop preponderance restaurant passing on the obama care surcharge on to customers. ♪ ♪
3:57 am
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4:00 am
>> gretchen: good morning, everyone. it's friday, november 16, 2012. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your time with us today. on the brink of an all-out war, rockets raining down on israel from the given as more than 3 million people fear for their lives in tel aviv. israel preparing its troops for a potential battle on the ground. we're live there with the very latest. >> brian: the world is going crazy. in less than 30 minutes from now, david petraeus will testify under oath about what really happened in benghazi. but first democrats seem more concerned with blaming bush? >> you know, barak obama was no more responsible for what happened in benghazi than george bush was for september 11. >> brian: is that really the time to be pointing fingers or not pointing fingers? we'll find out when we point fingers. we report. you decide. >> eric: liberals try to take down chick-fil-a. now targeting papa john's.
4:01 am
could their attacks backfire today? "fox & friends" hour two starts now. >> gretchen: fox news alert, air raid sirens wailing moments ago in tel aviv, israel. explosion being reported there. this as israel bulking up now at the border with gaza signal ago ground war may be imminent. our own leeland vittert in the middle of it. there is always untiles to a certain extent, but this is new. >> absolutely. this is new. hamas said israel had opened the gates of hell. that's what we've seen in the past ten minute, ten rockets flying out of the gaza strip. this is about as close as you can get to the gaza strip. there is a large buffer zone here. still the kabutz comes this way.
4:02 am
we heard those rockets which flew out of gaza towards tel aviv didn't hurt anyone, but certainly this begins to spiral out of control. there is so much talk of the iron dome intercepting missiles, but it's not perfect and doesn't work this close to gaza where home made rockets fly out. it impact add couple yards from a house. you see what it did to the whole barbecue area. there have been people out here. they wouldn't have stood a chance. to give you an idea of what it would do to a person, this is the wall of the house. you can see where the shrapnel imbedded itself all the way in there. had this been a person, it would have pulverized them. >> we were outside the house drinking coffee, ran inside the shelter downstairs and we heard the bomb. >> had you been outside, this would have been inside you? >> yes.
4:03 am
>> ten seconds, that's it, life or death. >> ten seconds. >> we're only four or 500 yards from the border. we've seen a number of them driving down. you have not only israeli armored personnel carrier there moving into position, burr the giant tanks. the key to this position is you see all the roads and trees there where they're moving these in and all the trees are giving them a little bit of cover so they can stage these weapons without having the palestinians be able to take a shot at them. right now inside the gaza strip, the egyptian prime minister has made a rare visit to try and negotiate some type of cease fire between hamas and israel. ings have changed greatlye as you noted, gretchen, in the middle east over the past couple of years. it used to be egypt was run by hosni mubarak, a strong ally of the united states and israel. now you have the must be must be be -- muslim brotherhood in charge. the question is whether they'll be strong enough to stop firing
4:04 am
rockets before israel launches a ground war. back to you in new york. >> gretchen: that's an important point. thank you so much. >> brian: you have an egyptian official going there. they're going to be there sometime today. they're not going to have invasion when the egyptian official is there. morsi is were under incredible pressure to break with israel, condemn with israel. >> gretchen: and libya and what happened in benghazi? the testimony today, general david petraeus will sit down in a closed door meeting under oath and say what he think actually happened. remember originally he said it was the videotape. will he change his story now? sources telling fox news that he will say that it was a terrorist attack. in the meantime, it seems like what was going on yesterday on capitol hill was a little heated because there seemed to be some interesting information that was coming out with regard to susan rice and when she went on those talk shows. now they're saying she was given
4:05 am
unclassified information as opposed to classified. >> brian: let's get this straight. unclassified information for the one person in the white house, not a terror expert, not an intelligence expert, an ambassador to the u.n. given unclassified information on five national shows. if those are the facts, i don't know where to start. >> eric: we have a bigger problem if general petraeus testifies that it was not the video and it was, in fact, terror. now two months later with four days into the mess, he said it was a response to the video. then this. this is the c.i.a. time line. this is the time line that they put together and put out and all through it, it shows there was a drone watching over. there were mortars,rbg's. the problem is if general petraeus says it was terror
4:06 am
today, then who told him to say it was the video? someone had to lean on him and for what reason. >> brian: he says, according to katherine herrage, he does not know who briefed ambassador rice. >> eric: who briefed him? >> brian: he was able to get real time information from people on the scene, i imagine. he says he has no idea who provided information to rice or who was the author of the information that she read. he had no idea who was going to talk on the shows 'til the white house release on friday and saturday who was on the sunday talk shows. >> eric: a four star general who had access, who allegedly had access to video, via drone and/or security who went and briefed i believe senate and house intelligence committee saying it was a response to a video. it may have been under oath or not, did you -- >> gretchen: we've learned that whether or not he was under oath that there is a requirement obviously that you tell the truth. >> eric: correct.
4:07 am
>> gretchen: when you're briefing members of congress. the more important question is he also knew he was under investigation by the f.b.i., speaking of general petraeus right now. that's the big question. >> eric: here is an opportunity right now for him to say exactly why he said video when all evidence points that -- >> gretchen: either way he would have to say that one of the two testimonies is not correct. >> eric: right. >> gretchen: so i'm not -- that's problematic. >> brian: before we move to the next talking point, remember what bill crystal point, he started that by saying, do you want the official line or do you want to know what really happened? then he went on to -- >> eric: bill crystal -- >> brian: i heard that from other people. >> gretchen: so in the meantime yesterday, members of congress saw this 30-minute compulsion of video, part drone that was actual complete part surveillance video from the two sites. that's how they came to the determination, yeah, it was terror. but at the same time, believe it or not, listen to some members of congress who are democrats
4:08 am
going back to blaming bush? >> these unfair attacks on ambassador susan rice are simply wrong. she had to rely on the intelligence that was provided. i sat here while colin powell provided the intelligence that he had regarding weapons of mass destruction in iraq. >> i am very disturbed at some of the political rhetoric that i hear. you know, barak obama was no more responsible for what happened in benghazi than george bush was for september 11 or that ronald reagan was with the blowing up of the u.s. marine in beirut. >> brian: was there conflict -- put it this way, let's compare what george bush did, the administration knew and what we found out on 9-11 compared to what we fine out in 9-11, 2012. within 24 hours we knew who did it. within a week or so we found out we were mobilizing against it.
4:09 am
no one was in conflict about who did the crime. no one said this was an internal attack, the towers fell down by themselves or an outrageous protest about our middle east policy. there was a movement together to get answers together where you had a movement that was totally fractured and a president who wouldn't answer any questions before the campaign. >> eric: let's take a couple months back, this was september 10, september 9, 8. remember we were talking president obama campaigning, instead of staying in the oval office getting intel briefings. remember, he houston, texas been to an intel briefing in months. everyone said don't worry action he'll get it on air force one or wherever he is. no. you don't get them. you get sent a file when you're on the road. when you're in the oval office, you have your team in there. you can ask questions. you can clarify stuff. he didn't do any of that. september 11 happened. he goes ova gas. there is a lot of problems with the way president obama handled the intel surrounding this whole mess before, during, and after september 11 of this year.
4:10 am
>> gretchen: it will be interesting to see if these committees and investigations actually got to the bottom of it because the president is not -- we saw what happened during the press conference the other day. he's not going to answer these questions willingly, i don't think. i don't know if we're going to ever really get to the bottom, at least from his mouth. >> brian: the last thing i would say, the last talking point from the administration pout out through the media is what about condoleeza rice who talked about weapons of mass destruction and still got to be secretary of state when there were no known weapons of mass destruction in iraq? the answer is simple, 80% of the western world and the middle east from egypt to jordan thought he had weapons of mass destruction. all the evidence was there, he was caught with them. and there is evidence that saddam hussein was reconstituting his nuclear program. so everything turned out to be correct. you had the world and an eight-month investigation and a report that was out. that's a lot different than what ambassador rice was either given or said. >> gretchen: all right. so we'll continue to discuss this throughout the morning. now the rest of your headlines. celebration turns tragic at a
4:11 am
parade honoring wound veterans. a train slammed into a float carrying veterans and their spouses in midland, texas. four people died, 17 others hurt. >> gate started coming down. the truck tried to blow his horn to get the other people in front of him out of the way. the gates actually hit the first people on the trailer. >> gretchen: sirens from the police cars in the parade may have drowned out the sound of the approaching train. he planned to strap a bomb to himself and blow up the new york city subways during rush hour. a judge will sentence the 28-year-old this afternoon. he's an american citizen from bosnia. prosecutors are asking he spend the rest of his life behind bars. the botched plot was one of the closest calls since the september 11 attacks. they've been plagued with problems for years. now a f-22 raptor crashed in the florida panhandle. the pilot ejected safely. no one on the ground was hurt. it's not yet known why it went down.
4:12 am
the $190 million raptors were grounded for four months last year over concerns the pilots were being deprived of oxygen when inside. liberals tried to adown chick-fil-a and now targeting papa john's. it could backfire because it's national papa john's appreciation day. thousands are pledge to go eat there to support ceo. he's been under fire for saying that obamacare could force him to lay off workers. one franchise owner said the same thing right here on "fox & friends." >> 100 jobs this year with the new pizza restaurants and even grocery stores and there is just no money for it. i cannot pay my staff and pay all these taxes. >> gretchen: ceo of papa john's has said obamacare will force him to charge ten to 14 cents more per pizza pie. those are your headlines. >> brian: so much talk about food, i'm starving. 13 minutes after the hour. he worked as a medical assistant in a hospital for weeks. one problem?
4:13 am
he had no medical background whatsoever. how did this happen? did he actually stay in a holiday inn express? >> eric: and get this, jobless claims jumped one week after the election. they're now at the highest point in almost two years. what's up with the timing? our political panel here next. they're going to weigh in [ male announcer ] in blind taste tests, even ragu users chose prego. prego?! but i've bought ragu for years. [ thinking ] woer what other questionable choices i've made? i choose date number 2! whooo! [ sigh of relf ] [ male announcer ] choose taste. choose prego.
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or if, whilen enbrel, you experice persistent fever, bruising, bleeding, or paleness. [ phil ] get back to the things that matter most. ask your rheumatologist if enbrel is right for you. [ doctor ] enbrel, the number one biolog medicine prescribed by rheumatologists. >> two years ago the economy was in a different situation. ultimately we came together not only to extend the bush tax cuts but also a wide range of policies that were going to be good for the economy at that point. what we've seen now is 32 consecutive months of job growth and 35 1/2 million jobs created and the unemployment rate coming down. >> gretchen: that was two days
4:17 am
ago. president obama was touting what he perceived as economic progress under the administration. but yesterday there was some bad news with regard to unemployment for the president. the weekly jobs report showed the number of people filing for unemployment insurance ballooned to 439,000. that was up 78,000 from the week before and the highest figure that we had seen in 18 months. so is this now the new normal and are the president's policies to blame or was it something else. let's ask our panel. jennifer, rick, and taraa democratic strategist. rick, you're a money guy here. was this totally due to hurricane sandy or what was it? >> probably totally due to hurricane sandy. we'll know within a couple of weeks. if they come back down to lower levels, which is 50 or 60,000 lower than we saw in the latest number, we'll know it was a one-time thing. there is a lot of other things going on. we know that big businesses and small businesses both have stopped hiring if they don't have to and stopped spending money until they figure out what
4:18 am
these guys in washington are going to do about this fiscal cliff we keep hearing about. they have a lot of reasons not to be hiring people. that could be showing up in the numbers as well. >> gretchen: jennifer, i think a lot of people were stunned at this number because the expectation was 375,000 claims. it was so much higher than that that some people who wanted to be cynical would say, oh, my goodness, this is the week after the election. look where the unemployment number went. it's suddenly higher. >> right. hurricane sandy did absolutely have something to do with it, just like katrina did in 2005. but the president owns this economy and he can't get away from it. four years later, he's entering his second term and we still have 23 million americans who are look for work. so that doesn't change. i really hope that this is not the new normal, although the pattern i see with the president, he keeps telling us that we're getting better, we're getting better. he told us we were going to be at 5.6 unemployment over two years ago. we're still over 8%. in the hispanic community, it's over 10%. that's really unacceptable. so there is a problem there and
4:19 am
the policies aren't work. this should not be the new normal. >> gretchen: tara, i'm trying to figure out how a hurricane makes people get fired. how does that happen? how did more people not have work because there was a hurricane? >> a lot of people weren't able to get into their offices and go to work, so they're then eligible for unemployment benefits because they're not eligible to draw paychecks in many professions if you're not able to work. >> gretchen: so they were able to get to the unemployment office even when they couldn't get into their own homes. >> my office was closed for two weeks. if you look where most of these unemployment numbers are coming from where you see this increase, it's in the states that were impacted by hurricane sandy. and i just got power back in my office last week. so i can imagine that there are other people who were hit even worse if you look at staten island and parts of long island and they are still without power and small business owners, that's a big hit for us. >> gretchen: rick, we would assume, if it's hurricane sandy, that next week we'd be back down to the 375, which is still not a great number, by the way. >> or in a couple of weeks because this could go on for
4:20 am
more than just one week. but another thing could happen, which is people who could not get to the unemployment office might get there. that might be a thing that pushes claims up. but the odds are good we're going to see a return to this trend. president obama is right, things are gradually getting better. but as everybody knows, they're not getting better fast enough. we're probably going to see a return to the lower trend line. that's as jennifer says, not good enough for anybody. we need faster job growth and more people getting hired. >> gretchen: stick around, panel, because this is the next topic. is ambassador rice the u.n. ambassador action the rye pick for secretary of state? how about john kerry for secretary of defense? and can you tell what's wrong with this picture? the mistake actually put one guy behind bars hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios
4:21 am
has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy.
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>> brian: news by the numbers. 5%. that's how much extra people are going to have to pay at denny's restaurants in florida. franchise owner says he is slapping on the charge to each bill to offset the cost of obamacare. next, $100 bill that's supposed to have benjamin franklin's face on them, not abraham lincoln. a man was caught trying to use fake bills like these. the wrong face, a dead give away. take that, abe. finally, 20 pounds. that's how much these triplets weighed at delivery combined, breaking the guiness record of heaviest childbirth. good luck getting them on the podium. gretch?
4:25 am
>> gretchen: thank you. with the president's reelection sealed, attention turning to his cabinet. we're likely to see a number of changes in his second term. most notably senator john kerry being rumored as the next secretary of defense, or state, and u.n. ambassador susan rice being floated as the next secretary of state. we know both candidates face confirmation hurdles. are they the right picks? we're back with our panel. we have tara, jennifer and rick. tara, let me start with you, you're the democratic strategist, would you place these two in those positions? >> i think it's premature to know which position the president is actually considering either for. obviously i think both of them will have a shot at being in the administration in either of these positions. but i do think that they are very qualified. john kerry helped usher the stark treaty through the senate, and there was some contention about it. he's also been very loyal to the president. and loyalty is a big commodity in politics. >> gretchen: rick, he also said that you need to get an education because otherwise you end up fighting in iraq. i can't imagine that that would
4:26 am
be a good thing if you're trying to be secretary of defense. >> whoever gets picked has a long record of having said many things, especially a senator who has been in office for years. i think john kerry is a good candidate for either job. i think there will be little wrinkles like that, he'll have to get through them and he will. i do not think susan rice will get nominated. >> gretchen: why? >> i think that's a fight president obama is not going to pick right now. the last thing he needs with these fiscal cliff negotiation social security a big fight over what happened with benghazi who said what. we know that's exactly what will happen if she has to get confirmed by the senate. maybe later in his second term she'll show up. >> gretchen: remember what he said last time after he was elected, that i won? >> right. >> gretchen: we don't know what he's going to do. but he certainly defended her indignant leta press conference. >> absolutely. i wish he was that indignant about the benghazi attack. i don't think she would be the right pick. she is the face of benghazi. she is the who was touted on five national talk shows about putting this spontaneous attack
4:27 am
because of a video out there. so i don't know why the president would want to pick this fight when he has so many other issues to deal with. i just don't think the general public who has been following this is ready for a rice nomination. on john kerry, this would be the worst pick for secretary of defense. >> gretchen: why? >> to me, it's not wrinkles when he says people who don't get an education are stuck in iraq. there are people who signed up after 9-11 to fight for our country. and they're honorable people. and he said his fellow soldier -- military people do not forget that. that's why you saw so many people come out against him when he was running for president. rank and file now don't really respect him. so why would you put someone in charge of the department of defense -- >> he served his country. >> that makes him a better candidate for the state department, too. >> we should at all costs make
4:28 am
sure, before send people out to war, send people's children, i come from a military family as well. my uncle had ptsd. so before we send people out to war, we should make sure that it's absolutely necessary. so it should be someone in that position that's not going to just willie nilly send people's children out to die. >> gretchen: wait a minute, are you making the accusation that other secretaries of defense are willie nilly sent people out -- >> no, i'm just saying criticize him for saying sending people to war is a bad thing. war is a bad thing. people suffer in war. people die in war. bad things happen in a war. >> threw away his medals and exaggerated his service. >> gretchen: had thank is a precursor of what the confirmation hearings might sound like if john kerry's name comes up for either role, or susan rice. our cameras are standing by because general david petraeus is about to arrive at the capitol to testify about the benghazi terrorist attacks. a live report coming up next. and is the fiscal cliff a manufactured crisis?
4:29 am
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>> brian: fox news alert. live inside a capitol building where general david petraeus is set to testify about what really happened in benghazi and when he found out about it. we've just confirmed he's already in the building. box news source says petraeus will tell lawmakers he knew
4:33 am
within 24 hours it was terrorism. katherine herrage, does that move this story further? what does that mean to you now that that's out? >> well, good morning. i think it does start to move the story along. a source close to the general told fox news that in fact, the expectation is that the former c.i.a. director will tell the house and senate intelligence committees that he, too, believed it was terrorism within the first 24 hours and that it was a terrorist attack linked to al-qaeda and this group, al-shariah, that wants to establish an islamic state in eastern libya. fox news is also told he will bring with him today the original talking points prepared by the c.i.a. about the attack. these talking points then had input from other members of the intelligence community, as well as the office of the director of national intelligence, and that petraeus apparently did not provide them to susan rice, does not know who the author of the final version was, nor did he understand that these talking points would form the basis of ambassador rice's controversial
4:34 am
appearances on the sunday talk shows where she said the attack on the consulate was spontaneous and not premeditated terrorism. also lawmakers telling fox in advance of these hearings that they want to keep the focus on the attack itself and not the former director's personal issue s. >> human nature is what it is, but the intent going in is that we limit the conversation to events of 9-11 and forward throughout the rest of the six, eight weeks that have ensued since thettacks on our consulate. >> what's also transpired in the last 24 hours is confirmation that the c.i.a. has launched a preliminary investigation into the former director's tenure at the agency, specifically whether any agency resources were used to further this alleged affair with his biographer, paula broadwell. >> gretchen: how will general david petraeus match up this testimony today of what you're saying turns out to be exactly what it is, that he's going to call it terrorism? how is he going to match that
4:35 am
with how he briefed members of congress on september 13 saying it was because of the videotape? >> you're really going to the he time line.issue now and these fox was first to report that on september 13, the f.b.i. and the national counterterrorism center, the nation's central hub for threat analysis, told a handful of lawmakers that the evidence strongly supported an al-qaeda attack and also an attack by this group ansar al-shariah. and there was no emesis on this video and no emphasis at the consulate. but it was said david petraeus seemed to emphasize like it was spahn taken crus and seemed wedded to the administration's explanation of the attack. what lawmakers are now openly questioning is whether at that time the c.i.a. director
4:36 am
understood that he was the focus of this f.b.i. investigation and whether this in any way, just raising this question, whether it in any way affected his personal and professional performance at that time. >> eric: we need to point out that he will be testifying, david petraeus, under oath, right? >> yes, that's correct. >> brian: katherine, just real quick, do you know any law maker that was in that meeting when david petraeus mom -- emphasized the video? >> yes. a handful. >> brian: are you allowed to say who they are? >> they spoke to me on background. >> gretchen: can you confirm the big crystal comment that petraeus said do you want to know the real story or should i tell you the videotape story? >> i actually don't have that, but again, this goes to what appeared to be significant discrepancies in what lawmakers were told in that critical first week after the attack. the f.b.i. briefed, and what the
4:37 am
director himself briefed. the issues we're seeing play out is people's recollections of what the emphasis was in those briefings and it goes to the point, what was the catalyst for this attack? did the video have any role whatsoever? >> gretchen: the c.i.a. talking points and he's also going to me with who wrote those? >> that would have been done within the agency, but again, you're going to an important point. those talking points, based on what fox news is told, we want to other parts of the intelligence community, director of national intelligence, for what we learned at the hearings yesterday is that no one could say for sure who finalized those talking points. was it someone within the administration, because the intelligence community is saying it was not them. >> gretchen: he's going to say that he knows who wrote those talking points? >> brian: says he doesn't. >> i can't get inside his mind or his shoes, gretchen. but i think we will hear from lawmakers today that some of the specifics of the talking points, 'cause this is really the focus from those hearings yesterday and again the focus today.
4:38 am
>> brian: at risk of you saying i'm tired of the questions, i'll try one more. i understand that susan rice received a unclassified briefing before her appearances. what does that mean to you, from the c.i.a. this according to a deputy in the c.i.a. >> unclassified briefing would be given to members of the administration or members of congress about the status of what the agency understood at that time about the attack. the question is whether a briefing such as that would also have presented what they call alternate judgment. so different points of view and whether they also presented confidence levels because when you give an intelligence assessment, you say, here is theory one and we feel 30 or 40% confident about that. but here are other points of view and this is how confident we are about them. but what seems clear is that by the end of that first week, there was a significant body of intelligence that it was
4:39 am
al-qaeda, it was ansar al-shariah and based on fox's reporting, that did include telephone intercepts as well. >> eric: can we clarify this? do we understand that general petraeus had talking points on september 14 when he briefed the senate and house committees -- >> i don't want to give that you information. i don't know if there were talking points. talking points, though, is a very political piece of terminology which is a red flag, if you will, because the intelligence community puts together assessments. not talking points. >> gretchen: very interesting. you've been head of this story. thanks so much for your coverage. >> thank you very much. >> eric: congressional budget office says tax hikes and spending cuts that will go into effect this january known as the fiscal cliff will shrink the economy and increase unemployment, but yesterday afl-cio president richard trumka said, quote, take what the media are calling the fiscal cliff. there is no fiscal cliff. what we are facing is an
4:40 am
obstacle course within a manufactured crisis. that was hastily thrown together in response to inflated rhetoric about our federal deficit. i don't think for a moment -- don't think for a moment that americans' deficit is not a long-term problem. it is, but it's not our short-term crisis. >> gretchen: stuart varney is here to analysis this. we just want to let you know, we'll keep this picture up live waiting for general petraeus to arrive. what do you make of richard trumka? >> he's an extremely influential and power man in the second obama term. he's basically laying the groundwork for economic policy in that second term. he's saying look, forget about this fiscal cliff. what we want to do is spend more money and tax the rich. he's saying the debt is not a problem now. it may be a problem down the road but it's not a problem now. so he's being very forceful in saying spend it, spend it on infrastructure. keep spending on medicare. medicaid. we'll borrow the money and we'll worry about it later. >> brian: the fact that he goes in first and the ceos go in
4:41 am
later in the week and then congressional leaders to end the week today, doesn't that say a lot? >> it does say an enormous amount, yes, it does. the first out of the box, the first meeting that the president had after his reelection was with the left. union people and leftist activists. they got in first into the white house. they laid down the law. this is what we want. the bottom line here is, look, trumka is saying don't worry about the debt. we've got to keep spending and therefore, we've got to keep borrowing. >> eric: after president obama won his first term, the first thing he did, even before obamacare, he signed $850 billion in stimulus. he signed the check. unions benefited greatly from that, right? >> yep. >> eric: during this first administration, they floated the idea of an infrastructure bank, who the -- the unions who love to see that. do you think we see in the second term another kind of union pat on the back, here is an infrastructure bank? >> yes. whether it's an infrastructure bank or not, i don't know.
4:42 am
but there is another stimulus plan being drafted as we speak. if we are build the roads, rebuild the bridge, and spend money on education, teachers unions are very big, that's what it will be. it's stimulus plan by another name. it's going to happen. >> gretchen: it will never pass the house. >> we'll see. >> gretchen: thank you so much. we'll be watching you on "fox business" network at 9:20. >> thank you. >> gretchen: it's our understanding general david petraeus has come into this hearing. it was supposed to start at 7:30 a.m. eastern time today. so we will tell you if we hear anything that comes out of that between now and the end of "fox & friends." >> brian: first we heard he was in the building. now we heard he's in the hearing room like a good military guy, shows up on time, in fact, early. we'll see what happens. he worked as a medical assistant in a hospital for weeks. one problem? he has no medical background whatsoever. how did that happen? >> eric: and they fight for our freedom, but where should our heros call home? the cities that are welcoming veterans with open arms. that's next [ female announcer ] today, jason is here
4:43 am
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>> eric: some quick headlines. it's the end of the line for twinkies. hosts announcing moments ago it's going out of business, striking workers failed to return to work by a 5:00 p.m. deadline yesterday. it's true. and the florida teen worked at hospital as a physician's assistant for a month anding patients, even performing cpr. problem was? he had no qualifications. 18-year-old matthew shied sentenced to serve a year in jail for the acts. turns out he was hired as an office clerk. but when he picked up his badge, he got one saying he was a physician assistant. so he went along with it, also arrested four months after getting out of juvy for impersonating a cop of the he hasn't been tried on that one yet. and speak of twinkies, over to brian. >> brian: that hurts my feelings. meanwhile, after years of sacrifice, many of our military
4:47 am
veterans find themselves yet another daunting task when they retire, deciding where to start the next chapter and the fun chapter of their life. ward carroll is a navy veteran and editor of he's here with the new release study of the best places to retire for veterans. thanks for your service and welcome to the show. >> it's great to be here, brian. >> brian: i love they did the top ten cities to retire in. we're going to focus on three. first off, how do they go about setting up the criteria to rank these cities? >> this is the third year that usaa and joined with this organization it come up with this list. the first two years we focused on an older demographic, retirement, and so those folks have certain benefits and certain outlooks that are different than people that are younger than that. because of what's going on with the war in afghanistan, a lot of people transitioning. this year we focused on preretirement, just veterans transitioning. so they have different needs, different things, education is a bigger thing for them. and they have probably more flexibility as they make this
4:48 am
transition. >> brian: retirees who are retiring from the military in their 30s or 20s, that's a little different than the average person. so let's deal with the top three. let's start with dallas. dallas we know is a growing city. what makes it attractive for the military? >> all three of these top cities are not really military cities, per se. so that's what surprised us. dallas particularly, it's a tech send trick city, very clean, low crime rate, high population, but the thing that works there is it's also got high employee employ ability. so there's a is a great choice. >> brian: phoenix, a lot of people are buying homes. something that seems to be affordable and that is also a growing city. >> yes. it's very affordable. both mortgages are cheaper and rent is lower than national average. also a lot of educational opportunities. as i said in the outset, we looked at education heavily in this survey. >> brian: they also have a lot
4:49 am
of contracting jobs and a lot of the men and women seem to like that and high number of government jobs. the last one and this is surprise to go a degree, pittsburgh. pittsburgh we know is starting to become a booming city as they get away from steel a little bit. correct? >> exactly. in fact, if people look at the top ten overall and you can see that, you'll see that as you say, brian, the rust belt is reinventing it self and pittsburgh is number one on our list this year. >> brian: it is. their job growth is 2% below the national job growth. so go there and watch the pirates who had a surprisingly good year and the steelers are always good. they just need a quarterback. ward carroll, thanks so much. great seeing you. thanks for doing this study. >> okay. thank you. >> brian: next up, don't tell kevin arnold, but we found winnie cooper right here in our studio. the wonder year star ready to return to show biz. she's also very good at math. but first, on this day in
4:50 am
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>> brian: she drove the young boys crazy. winnie cooper, and then in "the wonder years", she became a best selling author of four separate books on math. now she's back to start talking about acting again. in the summer she'll be back to talk about mav. >> gretchen: the star of the new holiday row maps "love at the christmas table." good to see you again. >> good to receive you. >> gretchen: i love how you multi task. you were an actress, but then realized, i'm really good at math and i want kids to be good
4:54 am
that and you're a mom, too. >> it's a good life. >> gretchen: tell bus this movie. >> it's called "love at the christmas table" on lifetime. it's so christmassy and fun and it airs on the sunday after thanksgiving, which is november 25. so it's just in time for the christmas spirit. it's just a great, great timing and really fun, family friendly film. it premieres right before "liz and dick," which is interesting. on lifetime. then we air again after liz and dick. so. >> brian: we had you both on our show. we talked about them. >> i know, that's what i heard. >> eric: have you been acting since the early roles? >> random things, but mostly focused on my math books. i did episodes of "how i met your mother." >> brian: can i name drop? >> sure. >> brian: dan loria, he played the dad and he said, everyone talks about the lindsay lohan of the world and all these kid arcs that end up going astray.
4:55 am
why don't they caulk about danica and people like you who ends up being successes in life after being successful childhood actors? >> it's not as much drama. doesn't make the news. >> brian: i know. that's exactly what he said. >> gretchen: what did you do right? >> good parenting and then math actually. when i went to ucla and studied math, it gave me an opportunity to redefine myself and ground myself in something that gave me confidence from the inside out that had nothing to do with the glamour of hollywood. that's part of what i wanted for other teenage girls is ground themselves. >> brian: does that affect the roles you take? >> somewhat. >> brian: will you play a hooker because it's a challenge? >> it all depends on the message of the movie. there are some characters that are sexist and then there are movies that are sexist. there is a difference. >> gretchen: this one definitely isn't. >> no. >> gretchen: i'm looking forward to this one 'cause my kids can watch it. >> eric: my wife is going, you are so lucky you're sitting next
4:56 am
to winnie cooper. >> lea thompson is in it from "back to the future." it's a really great cast and a great movie to watch for the holidays. >> gretchen: the sunday after thanksgiving, 25th, 7:00 p.m. eastern time on lifetime. >> eric: you haven't aged in 20 years. >> thank you. >> gretchen: coming up, kim kardashian showing her support for our marines, the very cool story behind this picture. >> eric: then a live look inside the capitol. general petraeus testifying right now behind those closed doors. geraldo rivera weighs in, top of the hour. >> brian: i think he's about to weigh in. danica meets geraldo eat good fats. avoid bad. don't go over 2000... 1200 calories a day. carbs are bad. carbs are good. the story keeps changing. so i'm not listening... to anyone but myself. i know better nutrition when i see it:
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5:00 am
israel from the gaza strip reaching as far away as tel aviv. now israel rallying its troops for a possible ground war. we've live with the latest from the battlefield. >> eric: and our cameras are standing by as general petraeus testifies right now behind closed doors. brand-new information about what he's expected to say coming up. >> brian: and the video is unbelievable. even more incredible, the man who saved a baby trapped in one of those cars. you're about to meet him only on "fox & friends." by the way, the final hour of "fox & friends" for the week starts now. >> brian: fox news alert. you're looking live inside the capitol building where former c.i.a. director general david petraeus is testifying right now about the benghazi terrorist attack as he knows it. we already do know some stunning information. a source confirming to fox news petraeus will reveal he knew
5:01 am
within 24 hours it was terrorism. katherine herrage live. somebody else's head with more. >> brian, eric and gretchen. within the last 20, 25 minutes, he has arrived here on capitol hill. it's stunning that none of the camera crews were able to get a shot of him. we believe that he came in to the capitol visitors center which holds this house intelligence hearing room through one of the loading dock areas in order to avoid the media. a source close to the general said the expectation is that petraeus will tell the house intelligence committee and the senate intelligence committee that he too believed it was terrorism within the first 24 hours and a terrorist attack by al-qaeda and this group ansar al-shariah. they want to establish an islammic state. one thing is they saw this
5:02 am
30-minute video, it was a composite, drone camera, security camera video, video from other sources that show how the attack unfolded. so it began with the minutes before the attack, when the consulate was overrun by the terrorists, and then the second wave of the attack on the c.i.a. annex several hours later. one law maker telling fox it is clear from this video that there was no demonstration. >> was very clear from day one this was a terrorist attack. i mean, it's just so obvious to be so obvious to any inexperienced individual that this was purely a terrorist attack. secondly, i think what we learned is that it's not very likely that the intelligence community is going to put out any unclassified talking points any time in the near future. >> a source close to the general also told fox news the expectation is that the former director will bring with him these talking points that were prepared by the c.i.a.
5:03 am
these talking points then had input from other intelligence agencies, as well as the office of the director of national intelligence. petraeus apparently doesn't know who authored that final version of the talking points, who provided it to u.n. pam bass dor susan rice, nor did he understand that those talking points would form the basis of her controversial statements on the sunday talk shows on sunday the 16th where she insisted that this was spontaneous and it was linked to this anti-islam video clip and not premeditated terrorism. guys, back to you. >> eric: katherine, can i ask you, your sources are saying that general petraeus is going to testify that he knew or he thought it was a terrorist attack within 24 hours of the attack, yet on september 14 he testified that he thought it was the video. am i understanding this correctly? >> yes. what we were told from a source close to the general is that he
5:04 am
will say he believed it was terrorism within that first 24 hours. this briefing three days after the attack here on capitol hill on the 14th, several lawmakers told fox that in that briefing, the director put the emphasis on this anti-islam video having a role and that what happened at the consulate was much more akin to a flash mob. some of this will be interpretation and emphasis. so we're going to have to let that play out today and see whether these two different points of view are able to be reconciled in some way in that testimony. >> gretchen: otherwise he would be lying in one of them. >> well, i don't want to use the l word. i think we've got to let the testimony play out today. we've got to see where the emphasis is. if i could explain one thing, when you have these vestments, there are two tracks to them. there is an operational track and intelligence track. operational track is like when you're seeing a video and you can say, wow, there doesn't look
5:05 am
like there is a demonstration there. an intelligence track is when you go to people after the fact, assets on the ground, government leaders, and you listen to them. now, this seems to be where this idea of the anti-islam video took it through and why these two things were not reconciled more quickly is one of the questions lawmakers will be trying to get at today. >> brian: thanks so much. we'll keep coming back to you until you refuse to take the calls. [ laughter ] geraldo, you have your own sources. you heard katherine. >> can i start at a different place, then i'll get to katherine 'cause i really think there is a way to reconcile these things. i spent yesterday speaking with colonel peter monsur, the former executive officer for general david petraeus when general petraeus commanded all our forces in iraq and was in command of the surge in 2007 and 2008. the colonel, i asked him six
5:06 am
times, are you sure that david petraeus' resignation had nothing to do with benghazi and everything to do with his illicit affair with paula broadwell? the determine, who has spoken several times with general petraeus said time and time, general petraeus assures him that he resigned strictly because of the dishonor he brought to the uniform he wore and more importantly, to his family by the extramarital affair. the resignation, according to the colonel, had nothing to do with benghazi. now to what katherine has just been reporting, an excellent reporter, they have led the story and we all applaud them. they're among the best in the business. i still believe there is an innocent way to reconcile these conflicting points of view. remember, all the intelligence, including katherine's reporting indicates that there was only several hours preplanning in
5:07 am
military terms, for the attack on the consul in benghazi. in the context you have tunisia on fire, yemen on fire. cairo egypt on fire. the film, the video is being bandied about as the cause for that. why not look at benghazi, libya as okay, now you have -- it's not 11 -- 9-11, which is one provocation which existed for 11 years and you have these mobs throughout the middle east, because of the film. now the mobsters are the terror group in benghazi. they say okay. you get your rpg's. mohammed, you get your mortars -- >> eric: several times the administration, whether it's intel or state department, called it spontaneous. you're not spontaneous with a 50 caliber machine gun, rpg, correct? >> i'm just saying these areonable men. >> gretchen: no, no, no.
5:08 am
yes. but let's also remember, general petraeus was new at this time when he testified that it was a videotape, that he was under investigation by the f.b.i. for this affair. there is nobody who is going to ever say that it's clear cut right now why he said it was the video or why n. with you we do know he was under investigation and cynics who say, wow. did that change his testimony originally? >> gretchen, wait. i have known david petraeus for almost ten years. i have known him since i met him in a dusty outpost on the outskirts of baghdad where he had led the invasion of iraq and was on the verge of taking the 101st airborne into baghdad. this is a soldier's soldier. i saw him with two stars, three stars, four stars. it is inconceivable to me that this honorable warrior, this american napoleon, this best general since eisenhower would ever dishonor his service
5:09 am
because he was afraid the f.b.i. was going to embarrass him with this extramarital affair. i think that -- hold it. that speculation is absolutely wreckless and has no fact base at all and it really is a disgrace to a man who has served -- >> brian: almost as wreckless as as -- >> he saved our ass in iran. >> eric: and going and -- >> (talking over each other). >> brian: what has to happen by friday -- >> gretchen: i didn't -- i didn't say it was my personal belief. >> brian: it ends up being personal and it shouldn't be. here it is. petraeus said one thing within 24 hours and he knew something different within 24 hours. we hope to get the answer today. because he's going to be asked that question, we assume, by any reputable law maker.
5:10 am
here is what i'm concerned about and i think where the story is. if you want ambassador rice to be the next secretary of state, along with getting the benghazi facts out, you have to find out, number one, why she was put out there, why she was put out with insufficient information, why, as i just found out now, john brennan was in washington, tom donnellan was in washington, david petraeus was in washington. they trot out the u.n. ambassador. >> where eric and i have had our disputes in the past is on the day of the attack, the september 11 attack in benghazi. i agree with eric that what happened up until september 11 deserves scrutiny, intense investigation. why wasn't there -- >> brian: i'm talking about afterwards. >> then following the attack, i also believe that's why i coined the phrase benefiting gate. why did they send out the u.n. ambassador? why did they give her a brief that was obviously flimsy? why did they make her the scapegoat, the public face of what happened? i believe that deserves scrutiny
5:11 am
and intense investigation as well. >> brian: and the president's tone in his press conference -- >> the night of the attack? >> eric: yeah. >> it will show 150 heavily armed men attacking the compound. and did everything they could -- >> brian: for the president to act defiant -- >> they did everything they possibly could to save our people and to reduce the casualties on september 11. everything that they had the capability of doing did she -- to say they had other capability that they withheld -- >> leon panetta said it, i didn't want to put my men into an uncertain situation, yet they were lighting up targets because they thought they were getting air cover while exposing their position. so they have to make tails of that. >> there has never been a raid mounted under the circumstances described here. never.
5:12 am
it doesn't take seven hours. it takes seven days. they thought it was a hostage situation. this was a lot more complicated than armchair generals two months after the fact make it seem. >> gretchen: general david petraeus changes his testimony today -- >> he will not. i do not believe he will. >> gretchen: then you and i will have another conversation. something has to change because you can't do both stories. >> i think you can. i think you can have it both ways. >> gretchen: that would be convenient. >> let me say it another way. i think to say that this film had nothing to do with the attacks in benghazi is as sophomoric as saying that they ignored the plight of our people and let them die there. i really think it's really not appropriate. >> gretchen: all right. we'll be watching you this weekend. >> i'll be there. >> gretchen: have a fantastic weekend. >> colonel monsour will be my guest, along with another colonel who served with general petraeus. >> gretchen: coming up, liar,
5:13 am
liar, pants on fire. >> hey, did you do something to your hair? >> it's a bit extreme, isn't it? >> no. i mean, that's the thing now adays. >> gretchen: coming up next, the guy who can outlie jim carey. he was just crowned most convincing liar in the world. >> brian: the president just sat down with business leaders, but charlie gasparino says the whole thing was a total sham [ male announcer ] kids grow up in no time... marie callender's turkey breast with stuffing
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5:17 am
is here. let's start with the ceo's that you pointed out yesterday, the meeting with the ceo's and president obama. you didn't like it. >> it was a farce. these are the biggest -- they run some of the beige companies in the world. >> honeywell, jeff immelt was there, the list. and nothing happened. they went in there. they said let's avoid the fiscal cliff. let's get our hands around the deficit. president won't listen. said this is what i want. what is really bad about this is that it's a dog and pony show. it's a photo op. and it's a photo op for the president's position. what is scary about corporate america is that they have no problem being used by the white house to advance their position, which is insane. it isn't raising their taxes necessarily. what the president's budget wants to do is raise taxes on small businesses and guess what? not a single small business person at that meeting. >> eric: let's talk about the 439,000 initial jobless claims number yesterday. it sounds very, very strange to
5:18 am
me that the full week after the election, the number jumps 78,000 and had been trending down. >> you did have sandy, right. people are saying somewhat hurricane relled. some people out of work. listen, i don't like this economy. when you talk about 2% growth and when you take out military spending, the real private economy is growing at like 1.3% in the last print. that's a slowing economy. guess what? here is what people forget, business people, they plan for the future. they are factoring in all the tax increases right now based on obamanomics. >> eric: they don't know this. you know this. when thecal pile the jobless numbers, they go state by state. >> that's what i understand. >> eric: who do they contact in the state? >> good point. some say a survey. a lot of these numbers, like -- they're best estimates -- guest estimates. a lot of this stuff is fluid. it fluctuates. i will say this, that is a very high number. it seems outside the norm.
5:19 am
>> eric: let's get to this. the fiscal cliff, political leaders meeting with president obama today at the white house and there they are, boehner -- >> this is beginning of the talks. >> eric: is there any hope? >> remember what fiscal cliff is, automatic spending cuts, tax increases that go in at the end of the year unless they reach a compromise. i don't think so. i think the republicans, if they cave and they allow for the president to raise the upper rates, i think they lose a big part of their base. i think you have a revolt of the tea party. remember, it's not just millionaires we're talking about here. talking about small businesses, most of the job creating small businesses. not some guy that is some consultant somewhere. job creating small businesses get hammered on this. if the republicans back door them, there is a big problem. >> eric: thank you very much, sir. general petraeus testifying right now behind closed doors and yesterday another closed door hearing on the benghazi terrorist attack took place. congressman mike kelly was inside and he's here next. then you saw this crash scene with a baby girl trapped in the
5:20 am
middle of all that crushed metal. you haven't seen the hero who ran inside to save her. he's coming up also this hour gik on all purchases, plus a 50% annual bonus. and everyone...but her likes 50% more cash. but i'm upping my game. he s! do you want 50 percent more cash? no! ♪ festive. [ male announcer ] the capital one cash rewards card gives you 1% cash back on every purchase plus a 50% annual bonus on the cash you earn. it's the card for people who like more cash. what's in your wallet? has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy.
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5:23 am
>> eric: serious news stories. in two hours, a prayer vigil will be held remembering four people killed at a parade for wounded veterans. 17 others were injured when the train slammed into a float carrying about a dozen soldiers and their spouses in midland, texas. >> gate started coming down. the truck tried to blow his horn to get other people in front of him out of the way. the gates actually hit the first people on the trailer. >> eric: sirens from the police cars in the parade may have drowned out the sound of the approaching train. he planned a strap a bomb to himself and blow up the new york city subways during rush hour. today he will learn his fate.
5:24 am
a judge will sentence the 28-year-old man this afternoon. he's an american citizen from booze nia. prosecutors are asking he spend the rest of his life behind bars. the botched plot was one of the closest calls since the september 11 attacks. brian? >> brian: right now on capitol hill, right now behind closed doors, former c.i.a. director general david petraeus testifying on what happened in benghazi on september 11, 2012. four americans killed. >> gretchen: yesterday the house held a hearing of its own and democrats appeared more interested in pointing fingers than getting the answers. >> these unfair attacks on ambassador susan rice are simply wrong. she had to rely on the intelligence that was provided. i sat here while colin powell provided the intelligence that he had regarding weapons of mass destruction in iraq. >> i am very disturbed at some of the political rhetoric that i hear. you know, barak obama was no
5:25 am
more responsible for what happened in benghazi than george bush was for september 11. >> gretchen: joining us with his reaction, congressman mike kelly. i'd like to you react to that. do you agree with that that president obama is no more responsible for benghazi than president bush was for 9-11? >> no, because we look what happened at 9-11, we really didn't have the previous knowledge. this what happened in benghazi was well thought out. they knew for a year ahead of time. 230 attacks in libya. two on that consulate and they say they really didn't know when we have people on the ground begging for increased security. at a time when our ambassador was put at the most violent area, we pulled out our professional staff and we replaced them with libyan nationals. nobody can tell me that the president didn't know about this, that he didn't know about these either tremendously incapable or in denial. >> brian: now we're talking about what happened after the attack took place and why we didn't get the straight story.
5:26 am
now we know the c.i.a. director is testifying. according to our sources will say within 24 hours he knew it was a terrorist attack. but yet he told in a private meeting, told lawmakers it was the video. what do you think could possibly go on behind closed doors to make you feel good about those two statements? >> i don't think there is anything that makes me feel good. i'm nome a member of congress burks a private citizen. all of us have to be asking, what did they know? when did they know it and how did they come out with this ridiculous spin that they had no reason to say that other than the fact it would protect the president and the administration in a close election. it doesn't make sense or pass the smell test and reached a stench coming out of washington to see this cover-up. >> gretchen: why would the c.i.a. director do that? he's not technically part of the administration. >> listen, why send our ambassador to the u.n. out to message it on sunday with five different times to make that message? if they're saying worked off c.i.a. talking points and we're finding out that some of them
5:27 am
may have been compromised? i really question now the veracity of this administration. why are they trying to do and why do we cover it up? the president said now the election is over, we can get to the truth. he said that himself in his press conference. my question is, if that's the case, mr. president, then come forward with the truth. quit holding back. general petraeus is testifying right now. i'm not in that meeting obviously. it would be interesting to try and understand what it was that caused them to come forward with a message that makes no sense to any clear thinking person. >> brian: i just feel as though america will be a safer place if he's c.i.a. director. that's for another conversation. susan rice goes out there, the president's defiant tone in saying don't go after her. if you want to go after her action go after me. yet, he says she knows nothing about benghazi and she gets briefed in an unclassified way to give a message out for the administration, requested by the white house that is deceptive in its content. who do you blame for that? >> it's consistent with this president and the way he
5:28 am
operates in this administration. they send out ambassador rice and say she doesn't know anything about this, but we're sending her out with talking points that we provided her with. she went out there knowing the message. sure, it was well rehearsed. this is a direction that the white house sent her in. she's a very capable person. my question now is, she's so capable, highly educated, i'm sure ambassador rice can stand on her own and defend why she said those things. let's bring her forward and ask her. ambassador, why did you talk that way? what is it that you knew or didn't know and why did you message it with so much clarity in those five tv shows on that sunday and now the president is coming forward, i don't think the president has to defend her. i think the ambassador can stand on her own. she's a very strong person. and defend what she knew and why she said it. >> gretchen: i would like to seat unclassified and then classified documents to see if they're different. congressman mike kelly from pennsylvania, thanks for your time today. >> thank you so much. >> brian: coming up straight ahead, we change gears. the ceo of papa john's has been
5:29 am
under attack for saying he's got to lay people off because of obamacare. there is something happening today to support him. >> gretchen: you won't find a gun range like this anywhere else in america. they let you shoot people? the range owner here on "fox & friends". one. two. three. my credit card rewards are easy to remember. with the bankamericard cash wards credit card, i earn 1% cash back everywhere, every time. [ both ] 2% back on groceries. [ all ] 3% on gas! no hoops to jump through. i earn more cash back on the things i buy most. [ woman in pet store ] it's as easy as... [ all ] one! -two. -[ all ] three! [ male announcer ] the bankamericard cash rewards credit card. apply online or at a bank of america near you.
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5:33 am
>> president obama hosted a screening of the new movie "lincoln" at the white house. yep. after the movie, joe biden was like, well, i did not see that ending coming. [ laughter ] anyone else? crazy, right? >> gretchen: very funny. >> brian: but i am looking forward to that movie. i hear it's going to be fantastic. he's not a vampire in this one. we can focus on his actual life. >> eric: bill o'reilly will make a lot of money from the book. >> gretchen: something else. they're already talking oscar for daniel day lewis. >> brian: you mean the people you run with? >> gretchen: , no, i read some reviews. let's talk about this interesting talking point. we did an interview earlier, had to do with the gun range in orlando, florida. get this, it offers the opportunity to shoot people,
5:34 am
yeah. shoot people with guns. here is the thing, there is like a soft bullet inside, but you actually are shooting somebody. it's called simunition. eric, you know something about this. >> eric: i do. i'm all for this, by the way. it's kind of like paint ball. i guess the gentleman will tell us about it. i am passionate about a lot of things. i'm extremely passionate about the second amount. i own a gun. i have my 13-year-old learn how long to handle a gun properly. i think this is a good thing. let's not shy away from being able to handle guns the right way. that's where i am. >> gretchen: is it different with learning how to handle a gun and actually shooting real people? usually when go to age you're shooting against the paper target. >> brian: is it okay to shoot a person? >> eric: they're not using real bullets. >> brian: faux mission. >> eric: no, hard plastic, but they have some paint on them or
5:35 am
marker where if you get hit, you get hit. these games go on all over the country, whether it's paint ball, air assault. so -- >> brian: what about the nerf guns? >> eric: before you can do any of this, you have to noe how to handle a gun properly. you have to know where your finger should be. shouldn't be on the trigger. there are a lot of steps. in bringing people into the fold of proper gun handlers, including children, i think it's a great thing. >> brian: four star with super soakers. here is dave caplan. >> unfortunately, we don't live in the perfect world. people want to be in and we see every day had they're shooting, shootings in the workplace and all over and there is a lot of people carrying guns that are not prepared. they come to us and they say, i've got this gun. i've got a concealed weapons permit. i've never been able to draw it out of a holster at a normal static range 'cause you're not allowed to and this brings a whole new light to it. 360-degree training to actual
5:36 am
cece someone on the other end of the target and understand the severity of what you're potentially entering into. >> gretchen: he has an interesting point. that's dave caplan who owns the gun range. his point is, as a method of learning self-defense, you know how they tell to you know your escape route from your house if there is a fire. but if you don't practice that, then you don't know what you would do in a moment of crisis. so that's his point that he's teaching this so that people in those moments of self-defense would know exactly what to do. we should mention kids do not take part, even though you're seeing kids in the video. they take part of things in the gun range, but not this particular kind of thing. >> brian: meanwhile, that's that story. now this, a fox news alert. you're looking live or about to, at the israeli-gaza border. they have called up 30,000 reserves and tanks and on the vernal of an all-out ground war. this as tel aviv was targeted for a second straight day by gaza militants. for only the second time in 20 years, leeland vet at the live
5:37 am
with more. i understand there is an egyptian official in gaza. will that stop anything? >> so far it has not. they're trying to negotiate a cease fire. that's not happening. we want to give you a sense here on the street of really what escalating violence means. this could be a suburbance street anywhere in america. you see a window boarded up and you think maybe a kid threw a ball through it. we have video to show you of the missile that have been coming into israel, hundreds of them launched from gaza into israel. you hear the air raid sirens going off and then the iron dome, which is israel's missile defense system, trying to intercept a lot of the missiles and it has, about 80 or 90 headed for population centers have been intercepted. the israelis responding with some really punishing air strikes onto the gaza strip. three people dead so far inside israel. about 20 dead inside of the gaza strip. remember that house. now we're going to come back
5:38 am
live inside the house. this is what these rockets do to homes all over southern israel. that was the window. the rocket came through one very thick concrete wall. another very thick concrete wall, and now you're inside what was the kitchen of the house. it happened at 7:00 a.m. this morning. thankfully these people weren't home. but imagine if they were just eating breakfast and this is what happens to their house. now all of a sudden it is destroyed. thankfully, they're still alive. to give you an idea, the factor between life and death here on the gaza strip, from one launch to when people in the home would have time to be in their shelter is about eight or ten seconds. a whole new perspective on eating breakfast in southern israel. back to you. >> brian: thanks a lot. stay safe. this should be a very big day there. 22 minutes before the top of the hour. >> gretchen: the rest of the headlines. the white house extending the deadline for states to decide whether or not they will establish exchanges for people can shop for health insurance under obamacare. that deadline was supposed to be
5:39 am
today. now it's december 14. postponement in response to a request from the republican governors association and its chairman, virginia governor bob mcdonnel. >> eric: liberals tried o take down chick-fil-a. now they're going after papa john's. but their attacks could backfire today because it's national papa john's appreciation day. thousands are pledge to go eat their pizza in a show of support for the ceo. he's been under fire for saying obamacare could force him to lay off workers. one franchise owner said the exact same thing right here on "fox & friends." listen. >> add 100 jobs this year with the new pizza restaurants and even some grocery stores. and there is just no money for it. i cannot pay my staff and pay all these taxes. >> eric: that franchise owner estimating her profit margin went from 10% to 2%. because of that, they may raise prices if i bian extra ten to 1
5:40 am
cents per pie. >> brian: we showed think video earlier this week. a baby girl trapped in the middle of all this crushed metal. now for the first time we're hearing from the hero in milwaukee who saved her life. >> i had to get that baby out of there. she was bleeding. the child, to me -- the baby was dangling down of the i finally got her little legs, one at a time, took about four or five minutes. and the smell of gasoline was so strong. i was fearing it might catch fire. >> brian: the good samaritan stepped in to help and rescued the mom. >> gretchen: you probably thought jim carey was a convincing liar, right? >> this is extreme, isn't it? >> no, that's the thing now adays, right? >> he said it would accent my facial features. >> gretchen: he's got nothing on a man in england. jack harvey just crowned biggest liar at last night's world championship. apparently he convinced judges that the average englishman was 2% badger. you buy that?
5:41 am
the competition featured 11 men and one woman. politicians re banned from competing. wait a minute, politicians were banned from competing? they'd win. >> brian: too easy. so i cannot wait to see on monday. i'll put it in sports. coming up, ask your relatives to die quickly. otherwise it's going to cost you. the details on the other side of the break. >> eric: then how not to raise a selfish, lazy kid. dr. phil is here with advice to all parents that they need to know about. but first, what's coming up this weekend, you guys? >> all right. from the police property room to your living room, how you can get awesome deals on stolen stuff. we promise it is actually legal. >> and buy this, not that, one of our popular segments. how to be the hostess with the mostest without spending the mostest. how many times can we add that same word in there? we're going to save you some money on turkey day. you want to save money. the mostest hostess.
5:42 am
>> lot of news today. then drink this, not that. from beer to wine to booze, the skinny on the drinks that won't pack on the pounds. that's all coming up this weekend on "fox & friends." we start at 6:00 a.m. eastern time. see you then
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>> brian: what's wrong with this picture? one hundred dollars bills are supposed to have benjamin franklin's face on them. a man in rhode island was caught trying to use fake bills like these. the wrong face was a dead give away. >> eric: kim kardashian making one lucky man very proud. she rearranged her schedule to go to the ball in north carolina. sergeant gardner couldn't keep his eyes off her, so to speak. after she treated, he left the
5:46 am
ball. thanks to the marines i had to meet. thank you all for what you do. good job, kardashians. now to gretch and eric. >> gretchen: thank you. with the fiscal cliff looming, farmers and small businesses are worried about how the potential expiration of the lower estate tax rate could affect them. >> eric: william lajeunesse has more on this. he's live in our l.a. bureau. >> when the u.s. needed revenue in 1960, the estate taxes with 1 to 10%. it's jumping to 55% in january. while supporters say the u.s. needs this to promote equality, dozens of countries have eliminated it, including russia and communist china. this rancher works dawn to dusk, drives a 12 yearly truck and earns less than a typical bureaucrat in washington, d.c yet the federal government considers him rich enough to pay
5:47 am
a death tax. >> there is no way financially my kids can pay what the irs will demand from them nine months after death and keep this ranch intact. >> the idea hyped the estate tax is prevent the very wealthily from accumulating vast fortunes and passing it on to the next generation. >> to the analyst, that's not the american farmer. >> a poster child for the estate tax would be paris hilton, celebrity, but also hotel repair res. >> currently the federal government taxes estates worth $5 million and up at 35%. when the bush era tax cuts expire in january, rates increase to 55% on estates of a million dollars or more. while some republicans want to eliminate the death tax entirely, the president proposes a 45% rate on estates of $3.5 million and up. >> if we are burdened with millions of dollars of estate
5:48 am
tax, it forces the breakup of ranches and farms and it's not good for the environment. it's not good for future generations and it's not good for america in general. >> he paid the irs $2 million when he inherited the ranch decades ago. come january, the tax burden on his children would be more than 13 million. critics say 97% of family farms could be affected by the tax increase. supporters disagree and they argue the tax is needed to tax unrealized capital gains that are handed down family to family. the point is, estate tax is just another boulder in the fiscal cliff prepared to fall. back to you. >> eric: big time. >> gretchen: thanks for that report. coming up, how not to raise a selfish, lazy kid. dr. phil is here with advice for brian and for all parents. >> eric: but first, let's check in with hemmer for what's coming up, top of the hour. >> what's happening, guys? good morning to you. happy friday. some republicans calling for a special prosecutor on this
5:49 am
petraeus matter. the hearing is underway. we will talk to them in full coverage as the hearings unfold throughout the morning. big meeting at the white house today. congressional leaders going down there. what will they say? what will the president say in return? art laffer on the cliff. as the rockets rain down in israel, we'll talk to an ambassador. we'll see new ten minutes on "america's newsroom" [ male announcer ] coughequence™ #8. waking the baby. [ coughs ] [ baby crying ] ♪ [ male announcer ] robitussin® liquid formula soothes your throat on contact and the active ingredient relieves your cough. robitussin®. don't suffer the coughequences™. progresso. in what world do potatoes, bacon and cheese add up to 100 calories? your world. ♪ [ whispers ] real bacon... creamy cheese...
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>> gretchen: he services up tough love on his show. now dr. phil is sharing his secret play book to survive in today's rapidly changing world. it's called "life code, the new rules for winning in the real world." >> brian: we're joined by best selling author, i'm projecting
5:53 am
it, he's already a best sauthor. welcome back. >> i'm glad to be here. >> brian: what changed about our world that we now have to adjust to it that a 1950s parenting book won't help us? >> everything has changed. think about it. when i was in school, we didn't have computers. didn't even have computers. now kids can get bullied on the computer. they can be playing a video game. you think they're play ago video game, that controller is connected to the internet. they can be in a chat room while they're using that controller in their hands. so that's changed. it's the biggest change since the industrial revolution, in my opinion. 500 television channels. they're getting bombarded with everything. so it's not just the kids. it's us. we live in a different world. so i've written this book, and i've said there are people in this world that are out there willing to take advantage of you. but they're identifiable. you can know who they are and spot them. i've got what i call the evil eight in here that let's you know who these people are. then i put in their play book. the world has changed.
5:54 am
for example, this book, you can get this book at the book that's an on-line book store. there wasn't an on-line book store ten years ago. >> brian: you can get it on your ipad. >> these things didn't happen years ago. >> gretchen: one of the ways we teased the segment is dr. phil will help us raise kids who are not selfish and feel entitled. there is so much talk about this me generation. do you see it that way? >> i do. it's because we have overloaded these kids. used we had to entertain ourselves. now they're in such stimulus overload that if you give them five minutes alone, it's like, wait a minute. somebody come do something for me. we talk about this generation like we had nothing to do with it. we raised them! >> brian: how do we take action? could. >> eric: i have a 14-year-old c phil. he's first year high school, just got his report card. it's straight a's, but there are times where he acts out. he doesn't want to go to bed or wants to play a video game or
5:55 am
gets mad at me and says, but dad, i'm getting straight a's. how die handle that? >> one of the things i say, i talk about what you have to do to win in this real world because that's a formula as well. one of the things you have to do is pick your battles, particularly with kids. but pick your battles. you don't have to fight every fight with your kids. if he's staying within certain boundaries and he's progressing and moving along, you don't have to fight every battle. you give a little bit. but i tell you what, if he doesn't respect authority, if he doesn't follow guidelines on the little things, they soon become big things. so he's got to understand when you choose the behavior, you choose the consequences. if you choose to defy dad, the whole world comes apart. but on the other hand, one of our kids is a musician. he used to come home and want to put polka dots in his hair, go ahead n. a couple of weeks, he'll shave it off and do
5:56 am
something else. he used to say -- >> brian: you ever say, i'm dr. phil. if my kid got polka dot head, i won't get ratings. >> i'm not dr. phil at home. i hear, don't dr. phil me. i think is a book everybody needs to read. i really do because the world -- when the game changes, the rules change. when the rules change, you need a new rule book. and that's what this is about. >> brian: also we got to find out what eric's kid is doing. >> gretchen: more "fox & friends," dr. phil two minutes away. [ abdul-rashid ] i've been working since i was about 16. you know, one job or the other. the moment i could access the retirement plan, i just became firm about it -- you know, it's like it just hits you fast. you know, you start thinking about what's really important here. ♪
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protecting people's lives... [ soldier ] move out! [ male announcer ] ...without their even knowing it. that's the value of performance. northrop grumman. >> gretchen: dr. phil is still here with his brand-new book. >> brian: one nugget from the book that could change us this weekend? >> i think the thing you've got to understand here is that there are new rules, but they're knowable. you can use these and it will change who you are. i want people to go to the, 'cause it's the


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